Add cool pictures to your toilet light

So, you’ve got one of those toilet lights, right? They’re cool, but did you know you can make them even cooler by projecting pictures or designs?


Here’s a step-by-step guide to pimping out your toilet light with this fun feature:

What You’ll Need

Your trusty toilet seat LED light with picture projection

If your model requires it, a flathead screwdriver

Clean, dry cloth

Pick Your Spot

First, choose where you want to stick your projection toilet light. Go for a spot where it can easily project onto a flat surface.

Turn off the light

Make sure your LED light is switched off before you start. Safety first!

Get the Seat Ready

Give the toilet seat’s surface a quick wipe-down. Use a dry cloth to clear away any dust or dirt.

Stick to the Light

Depending on your model, your LED light might have a clip or something to hold it in place. Attach it firmly to your chosen spot on the toilet seat. If screws are needed, follow the instructions and use a flathead screwdriver to tighten them.

Angle the Projection

Most LED lights with picture projection can be adjusted. Make sure the projected picture is aimed right, preferably on the bathroom floor.

Test the picture

Turn on your LED light and fire up the picture projection. Check that the picture on the floor looks good and is in the right spot. If not, tweak it.

Sharpen the focus (if you can)

Some LED lights have a focus adjustment. If yours does, use it to make the picture sharp and clear. Twist the focus ring until it looks perfect.

Check for wobbles

Give everything a once-over to make sure nothing’s loose. You don’t want any wobbles ruining your picture show.

Customize Your Picture (if You Can)

If your LED light lets you use custom pictures, now’s the time to get creative. Follow the instructions to upload or choose the picture you want to project.

Enjoy the Show

Your toilet seat LED light with picture projection is all set up and ready to roll. Have fun with the cool pictures it casts in your bathroom!


Following these steps, you can easily add a fun picture projection feature to your toilet light, making bathroom time a bit more entertaining and unique.



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