Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bouncing House

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, you should consider getting a bouncy castle. This will ensure your child together with his or her friends will have a great time jumping. You can buy bounce house wholesale to save money. It is a good idea to buy your own bouncing castle instead of renting one. These are important factors to consider when purchasing a bouncing house.


You need to take into account the safety of your children. Therefore, you should check the materials used to make the castle. Ensure the materials used are lead-free. You should note that young children are vulnerable to toxic materials. When they are exposed to harmful materials, they can suffer lasting health effects. Some hazardous materials have been found to hinder the development of the nervous system and brain. Therefore, you should choose a reliable manufacturer that uses safe materials.

Buy from the Manufacturer

In this era, it is easy to connect with the manufacturer directly. When you buy directly from a manufacturer, you avoid losing money to middlemen. There are many manufacturers of inflatable bouncing castles. The truth is that reputable manufacturers will provide you with discounts. Additionally, you can find a warranty when you buy from the manufacturer.

Shop Around

It is a good idea to shop around before purchasing a bouncing house. Although you can be assured of lower prices whenever you purchase from the manufacturer, you need to spend time comparing prices. Also, you should consider other things, such as quality and customer service. There are different marketplaces that allow you to compare prices.

Consult Your Kids

Remember you are buying the bouncing house for your kids. Thus, you should ask them what they think. As a parent, you will be considering things such as price, warranty, and quality. However, your children consider things such as features, colors, and themes. If both of you work together, you can choose the best bouncing house. Even if you want to surprise your kids, it is a good idea to involve them as they will feel like to be part of the purchasing process.


Manufacturers offer different types of warranties. For instance, the warranty period can range from 2 to 5 years. Do not be swayed by the length of the warranty. Instead, make sure you understand what the warranty covers. The warranty should cover the material, air blower, seams, and water slide. A lengthy warranty is a sign that the manufacturer has confidence in their product.


When purchasing a bouncing castle, many people forget to check the accessories included. You need to look for accessories, such as a ground cover, anchor stakes, and a storage bag. Also, you need a repair kit that can be used for fixing minor damages. If the repair kit is not available, you should buy one.


The above are important things you should consider when purchasing a bouncing house. Before buying make sure you know when it can be delivered. This will ensure you have it readily available before your next birthday.



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